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Thursday, 8 November 2012

How To Make Irish Lamb Stew Like Mother Used To Make

     A filling tasty lamb recipe made in the traditional method like mother used to make.

Irish Lamb Stew made with leg of lamb

Irish Lamb Stew


1 kg./2 lb.potatoes sliced
2 large onions sliced
salt and pepper
1.5 ml./1 tbs dried thyme
1 kg./2 lb. lamb chops


Put about half the potatoes on the bottom of a large casserole
Cover with half the onions,then sprinkle with salt and pepper and half the thyme
Add the chops,then continue to make layers with with the remaining onions,salt and pepper,thyme and the remaining potatoes
Add just enough water to cover
Cover tightly and put into the oven pre-heated to warm (170 degrees C/325 degrees F or Gas Mark 3)
Cook for 2 to 2 & 1/2 hrs,or until the chops are cooked through.

Serves 4