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Monday, 9 September 2013

Greek Style Salad

I know this is not an old English recipe, or did my mother ever venture further than the North of England in her whole life, but I have eaten this so often this hot summer that I felt I must share it on this blog of wonderful English food recipes, as it would make a great starter to most of the other recipes, or as a side dish.

Ingredients- amount increase as required

. 1 little gem lettuce ( I used an organic one )
. cherry tomatoes
. Greek feta cheese
. black or green olives ( I like stoneless black olives)
. cucumber cut into slices or small strips/chunks
. pomegranate seeds ( optional )
. spring onions, finely chopped ( or red onion finely sliced )
. tsp  extra virgin olive oil, tsp walnut oil, tsp sesame oil ( or dressing of your choice, olive oil
  and balsamic vinegar are good.
. chopped chillies ( optional )
. thinly sliced red bell peppers
. garlic bread to serve


. wash and dry all the salad ingredients, divide the tomatoes in two, toss all salad ingredients together, crumble feta cheese over and dribble oil over and re toss with salt and pepper to taste !