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Monday, 16 September 2013

Roast Potatoes like Mother Used To Make

Roast potatoes are not the same as I remember my Mum making, thick crispy golden, skins, with fluffy insides, today the craze on health, and low fat, and using oils, instead of animal fats, has changed the taste and texture, of one of the nations favourite ways, of cooking spuds, I use lard,or beef dripping, in this recipe, for  lovely roast potatoes as I remember them as a child. many people say roast dinner is nothing like their Mum used to make, and maybe the fat makes the difference, plus Dad  used to grow his own spuds in his allotment, and I'm sure they were much superior to Supermarket one's, that seem to be going bad even before you get them home !

Crispy Roast Potatoes Image

Ingredients - serves 6-8 

. 1 kg. / 2 lb. potatoes ( I like King Edwards )
. salt
. 75 g. / 3 oz. lard or beef dripping ( many people use goose fat nowadays should you prefer this )


. Cut the potatoes to serving size equally, so they cook evenly, put into a pan of salted water.
. Bring to the boil, cook for 8 minutes and drain.
         . Melt the fat in a roasting pan and add the potatoes, turning in the hot fat until they are evenly coated.
Put the pan into the oven preheated to moderate ( 180*C / 350*F or Gas mark 4 ) if you are cooking them on their own, otherwise put them above the meat. Roast for about 1 hour, or until crisp and golden.


For really crisp potatoes.Dry on a kitchen towel, shake par boiled potatoes in a colander till the outsides go fluffy, toss in fine polenta- cornmeal, or semolina, sprinkle with a little salt and carefully add to hot fat spooning fat over the top of the potatoes, place in oven.

                                                     Video recipe for crispy roast potatoes